Project Crossroads – InFlavoBiotics

InFlavoBiotics – Medical nutrition to treat bowel inflammation by targeting the gut microbiome

ProDigest forms partnership with Bioactor (NL) within a CrossRoads 2 project subsidized by the European program Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland. The InFlavoBiotics Project aims to develop an innovative medical food/nutraceutical to control inflammatory bowel conditions and associated gut dysbiosis by optimizing the gut microbiota and the connected immune system. Inflammatory bowel conditions often combined with bowel pain and abnormal gut motility are increasingly prevalent amongst a Western population, whereby gut dysbiosis caused by overweight and/or food allergens is thought to be a strong mediator of this condition. Medical foods would be a safe and convenient way to target the gut microbiome to reduce chronic gut inflammation, correct gut dysbiosis and avoid extended use of strong anti-inflammatory drugs.

The investment by Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland will allow ProDigest to further extend its in-vitro gastro-intestinal tract technology platform to more specifically target inflammatory bowel conditions. In addition, BioActor will further develop health ingredients for improving inflammatory bowel conditions which will be validated with ProDigest’s in-vitro platform to generate initial data on possible microbiota modulation. As BioActor’s clinical expertise allows for testing in humans of a prototype formulation, this will at the same time provide the ultimate validation of the predictive power of ProDigest’s in-vitro gut inflammation platform.