ProDigest is a spin-off company from the Laboratory of Microbial Ecology and Technology (LabMET), located at Ghent University (Belgium) and was founded by dr. ir. Sam Possemiers, dr. Massimo Marzorati and dr. ir. Willy Verstraete.

ProDigest's services in the field of gastrointestinal transit, bioavailability and metabolism are based on the application of an extensive in vitro technology platform which was developed at LabMET and which is organized round a dynamic simulation model of the gastrointestinal tract, called the Simulator of the Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem (SHIME). This technology platform is combined with a wide range of in vitro assays, animal trials and proof-of-concept human intervention studies.

From in vitro to human trials: a complete approach to test or to jointly develop our customers' products.

Founders ProDigest