ProDigest's long-standing expertise in human gastrointestinal processes has largely contributed to an efficient expansion of the in vitro SHIME® technology towards other hosts. For instance, thein vitro SPIME™ (Simulator of the Pig Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem) and SCIME™ (Simulator of the Canine Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem) model are extensively validated and used for the screening and identification of new feed ingredients or bioactive compounds, the evaluation of the optimal formulation and daily dose and the elucidation of the underlying mode of action. ProDigest's technology platform has shown to be a predictive and cost-efficient screening tool to assess the suitability of feed ingredients or bioactives as functional feed ingredients without interference of environmental factors.


The high flexibility of our technology platform allows multiple-endpoints studies.
Below is a non-exhaustive list of questions that can be answered using the SHIME® technology

  1. Where is a prebiotic fiber fermented in the colon and how does this affect the animal?

  2. What are the immune-modulating effects of a prebiotic or a probiotic strain?

  3. How do specific ingredients modulate the gut-wall functionality?
    And how does this relate to a final effect on the animal in vivo?

  4. What is the effect on the production of health-related molecules (e.g. SCFA) and on the concentration of beneficial gut microbial groups?

  5. Is there any beneficial synergistic effect in combining a fiber with specific microbial strains?

  6. What is the survival rate of a probiotic strain after passage in the upper GIT?

  7. What is the best formulation for the targeted delivery of a microbial strain or an activeingredient?

  8. How can a formulation be improved to reach a specific endpoint?

  9. How does my product behave as compared to a formulation already on the market?

  10. Which bacteria are responsible for a specific metabolic action (e.g. isolation of bacteria)?

  11. What is the best combination of ingredients to improve feed conversion and digestibility during digestion?

  12. Does a specific ingredient have any anti-pathogenic activity?

  13. What is the role of the gut microbiota on the activation of plant extracts and how does this affect the animal health or life cycle?

  14. Can we validate our in vitro data with poultry, pigs and companion animals for regulatory claim approval?

  15. What is the stability and/or bioavailability of selected functional ingredients in different feed matrices?