Short-term screening

The screening for and the identification of a new ingredient or active compound, the evaluation of the optimal formulation and daily dose and the elucidation of the underlying mode of action is a laborious process that is typically performed in a stepwise approach. ProDigest’s validated short-term in vitro technology platform allows an initial broad and cost-effective screening of an extensive number of lead compounds to then restrict step-by-step the field of investigation to a limited number of potential candidates for more in depth analyses.

In the typical short-term in vitro experiment, a representative dose of a selected product is sequentially incubated in simulated conditions for stomach, small intestine and proximal colon.

For the large intestine the bacterial inoculum can be derived from one or more fecal samples or from an ‘already in vitro adapted’ microbial community from one of the colon compartments of the SHIME® system. Being very flexible in design, the ProDigest’s short-term setup can be used to evaluate, for instance:

  • Potential prebiotic properties of dietary fibers,
  • The survival and resistance of probiotics to the harsh conditions of the stomach and small intestine,
  • The bioavailability, metabolism and biological activity of selected molecules in the gut under representative environmental conditions
  • Effect of interindividual variability